Monteverde Cloud Forest Experience

From: $189.00

After driving through the wide open and semidry scenery of the pacific low lands the green and hilly views will start getting your attention, this means we are getting to the clouds forest of Monteverde, where don Juan Coffee tour is located; we will take a nice visit to this coffee experience with one of the best tasty coffee in the world. Then we will continue our way to Selvatura Private Preserve, at this place we have the options of either gliding throughout the cloud forest with the Canopy Tour or something less exciting but very educational walking the trail that is connected with 8 Hanging Bridges above the trees canopy, then you will have a moment with the Hummingbirds.

Includes & what to bring


-Water & Lunch


-Bilingual guide

What to bring;

-Sunscreen lotion

-Confortable clothes & hiking shoes

-Camera & binoculars